Safety Policy

TThe mission of PCE Constructors, Inc. (PCE) is to provide quality construction and maintenance services to our clients at a competitive cost. With this in mind, we accept the moral and legal responsibility of providing safe and healthful working conditions for our employees. It is our objective to follow federal, state, and local codes, in addition to our own policies, to maintain these safe and healthful conditions. Each employee must also be willing to help us accomplish our purpose: a purpose, which can only be achieved through safe and efficient work practices. Employee safety is vital to the success of PCE.

It is our intent to provide our employees with good supervision, effective training, and safe equipment with which to perform their work. The success of our program is based on our joint commitment to minimize and eliminate all potential hazards to you, our property, our client, and our community.

This objective can be reached if our employees accept the personal responsibility for their own safety and well-being. Safe work habits are criteria for satisfactory job performance. Each employee is responsible for immediately reporting potentially unsafe conditions and work practices and taking effective temporary actions to minimize the risk to himself and others.

Each individual is responsible for helping us reach our loss prevention goal of reducing personal injury and loss of property due to accidents to the absolute lowest possible degree.

Each supervisor is held accountable for the actions of his employees. He is responsible for ensuring that both he and his employees follow all safety rules, policies, and procedures as outlined in this safety program or as it may be amended in the future. Failure of a supervisor or worker to support the safety program is considered a serious violation of company policy.

This PCE safety manual is intended to serve as a guide for all construction and maintenance projects. This manual alone is not the complete guidebook for implementing safety on the jobsite, other regulations required by clients and government agencies are applicable.

PCE Constructors, Inc. participates in the following third party services to share safety and related information with applicable “Owner Client”.

CVM Solutions
Veriforce, LLC
Ariba, Inc.
SMI Safety

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